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What do you get with Archetype Strength, and what makes us different?

First, we have EXTREMELY low capacity.  At any given time we average 7 people in the weight room.  We have premium strength equipment, and we are open 24 hours. We have an AMAZING vibe, high intensity and high energy, and loud music. 

Best of all, we are VERY SAFE. We keep a large bay door open 24/7, we have 10 fans including a big ass fan and 2 exhaust fans to keep airflow high, and every single person cleans EVERYTHING they touch.  This is not some bullshit globo-gym, we are a premium strength gym that is impeccably clean with top notch equipment, amazing vibe and an awesome training experience.

We routinely invest in the gym, and we invest HEAVILY into improving the facility. Want proof? Check it out:


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