Get out of your bullshit globo gym and come train at an awesome gym with some awesome people in a truly great environment of people seeking SUCCESS around you.


You get access to both locations - one in raleigh and one in cary


Why us?

Simple, we know you hate you globo-gym. The group of complete bros who never put their weights away, the Karens on the bicycles up front, the 19 year old trainers who don't know shit about lifting weights, Fox News on the TVs in front of the treadmills, and worst of all: HAVING TO WAIT TO SQUAT IN THE RACK.

Not at Archetype.

What we have

  • 4 Squat Racks
  • 4 Deadlift Platforms
  • Dumbbells to 100
  • 8 Benches
  • Specialty Bars
  • Dedicated Deadlift Bars
  • Landmines
  • Open Turf Area
  • Machines, Cables and Lat Pulldowns
  • A Badass Environment to train in

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