What is a private gym?

How do we compare to your local mega-gym? Let me tell you.

As you probably know, we are on the cusp of opening our second location - a bigger location in Raleigh with more equipment, more dedicated space for training AND for classes, and some badass artwork to go with it.  But a lot of people still don't really know the difference between us and the mega-gym down the road, so let me give some details on our perspective, why we exist and what we do differently.

A lot of people wonder why join a private strength gym.  The globo-gym up the road has 10 zillion square feet and every machine known to man AND is cheap as hell - win win win, right?Well, not really.Let me ask you this - why do the worlds BEST athletes, models, bodybuilders and trainers train in private gyms?Why do they actively choose to go to a smaller gym?  Why don't they just train at Planet Fitness?As someone who has trained some of the worlds best athletes, I will tell you.  Because it is not the size of the gym you train in, and its not the pure number of machines they can say they have or the number of treadmills with TVs in front of them.  Its the environment, atmosphere and people that creates CHAMPIONS.

When I opened Archetype Strength, I set out to create an environment designed for success.  One where you can walk in and KNOW you are there to improve yourself.  One that has the best quality equipment, with awesome music, people and an atmosphere that when you walk in, you know its time to go.Why?  Because in training - your results are determined NOT by having the most square footage, but by the work you put in. And having a place that encourages and invites you to bring out your best will produce the results you WANT.If you have seen Rocky, you know what I am talking about.And last, but certainly not least, Archetype Strength is locally owned, with a staff that CARES.  

This is not some fitness conglomerate where you can never even talk to the manager, much less the owner.  We keep a small, tight staff who are absurdly educated, capable and will stop at nothing to help our clients succeed.Our team of professional strength coaches have been trained in strength and conditioning and worked with real world athletes and teams, unlike Billy the 19 year old personal trainer who sits you on a machine and counts reps while checking it off on his cute little clipboard for $90 an hour.Archetype Strength in Raleigh has top quality strength training equipment.  

You will never have to scour around the gym for plates, you'll never have to wait to use a squat rack, there are no gym bros sulking around annoying everyone, no mirror selfies every 5 seconds.  This is a gym designed for YOU to become the optimal you.If improving yourself is your goal, come check us out.  Like many before you, you won't be disappointed.

The same way you don't go to McDonald's for a 5 star meal, you don't go to your local mega-gym for a great workout.  You join the best.



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