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Archetype Strength

the best gym in cary

Welcome to Archetype Strength!

Aren’t you ready to join a better gym? We are glad to show you what we do.

Archetype Strength is a 24 hour private gym in Cary.  With the best equipment, impeccably clean facility, low foot traffic and extra safety precautions, we can help you get in the best shape of your life – and do it in a place you love.

Check out the gym!

what do you think - is this the type of environment you could thrive in?

Awesome.  We think so too.  We would love to show you what we do and how we can help you, so we have two ways for you to experience our gym: a free week of 24 hour open gym, or 3 free small group strength and conditioning classes.

If you like working out alone, but just want a better place to do it at with top quality equipment, limited foot traffic and and intense atmosphere designed for results – you’ll love our 24 hour open gym.

If you want to work with a coach in a small group setting to learn how to work out, or just get pushed to workout harder than you ever would alone – try our small group strength classes.

So the big question - why would you join a private gym instead of a big globo-gym?

And this is an EXCELLENT question!  We are a locally owned private gym run by a small group of fitness professionals.  We have built this gym for SUCCESS.  We all know that dreadful experience of walking into a bland giant globo-gym owned by someone on Wall Street with TVs and Karen on the treadmill watching Fox News.

That’s not us.

We have everything you need to get RESULTS – loud music, great equipment, open turf space, conditioning and cardio equipment, boxing bags, top quality barbellsvery few people at any time, and we are open 24 hours.

Not just that – this gym is impeccably clean and SAFE.  We have very limited foot traffic (average of 6 people in the gym at a time), a bay door thats open 24/7, a big ass fan (literally – its called a big ass fan) to push air around and exhaust fans to move air out.


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