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Looking for a place to train your cleints?

Archetype Strength in Cary, NC is now renting space to coaches who want an amazing facility to train their clients.  We are open 24 hours a day, and you can bring your clients (either 1 on 1 or 2 on 1, no groups) to train at our facility at any time.  If you want an IMMACULATE, high intensity and great atmosphere place to train your clients, with minimal foot traffic from other people, Archetype Strength is for you.

We have:

  • 4 Squat Racks
  • 4 Deadlift platforms
  • 20 Barbells, including 8 specialty bars
  • Turf Space for Sleds
  • Boxing Bags
  • 12 Machines, including lat pulldown, belt squat, leg press, chest press, shoulder press, t bar row and more.
  • Rowers, bikes, treadmills and ski ergs
  • And more!

So, want more info? Fill out the form below to set up a time for a tour.

PS: If you ask me how much before agreeing to see the place *in person*, I will not respond.  The same way you do not want your clients to judge your service by anything other than value, neither do we.

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