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FAQs - Gymfit X Webflow Template


We have classes morning, noon and night throughout the week.  Once you join, you will get access to a booking app to book your specific classes!

is it really 24 hour open gym?

Yes, yes it is. Once you become a member you can come in anytime?

Can I access both locations when i join?

Absolutely - all of our members get access to both locations.

Do you offer 1-on-1 personal training?

Yes, if you are looking specifically for personal training, we will meet you and go over options during your consultation to make sure we get the right coach for you.

can i do the workouts / are the workouts too hard?

Absolutely, 100% - NOT. Everyone can work out - every single human on planet earth with functioning limbs can work out, and we hire the best coaches who can adapt our workouts to anyone. You don't need to be a lifter, a bro, a gym rat, or a instagram influencer to do our workouts, you just need to show up and trust our team to help you.

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