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Thanks for opting in to get more info about our 5 day free pass!  During this trial, you will get full 24 hour access to the gym, as well as access to any of our small group strength classes.

What are small group classes?

Well, its actually what we did for the first 2.5 years of the gyms existence – you work in a small group with a coach who gives you the workout, coaches you how to do it, and makes sure you are doing it right and working hard enough.

No, its not some bullshit bootcamp or a Crossfit workout. Its a strength and conditioning workout much like we would coach athletes on a team with, but with some additional “fitness” aspects to it.  Every workout consists of lifting and some core and conditioning work.  Its actually a lot of fun and a great workout, if you have never worked out with a team before.

Our class schedule consists of:

M-F 9am

MWF 6am

M-Thu 6:30pm

Saturday – 930am (the hardest workout of the week)

We will add or move classes as needed!

For the first week, you can just show up to the classes you want to go to, and the coach will help you learn how to schedule your classes on Gymmaster going forward.

Oh, and if you don’t want to do the classes – don’t worry, these will not impact your workout times or make the gym too full at your times. We chose these times strategically and our coaches do a damn good job of making use of the space 🙂

On the next page, you will register your free trial with us at the gym. *YOU MUST COMPLETE REGISTRATION FOR YOUR TRIAL TO BEGIN*

On the final page, you will pick a PIN – a 4 digit code that will get you into the gym 24 hours a day, but first we will schedule a time to show you around the gym and make sure you understand how to get in, our cleaning policies, etc.  (But don’t worry, we can meet you anytime from 6am-8pm and on weekends).

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